UNESCO UniTwin CS-DC: Science, Policy, and Applications

CS-DC Kickoff Meeting at ECCS’14
September 25th, 2014

Call for new CS-DC e-Laboratories and e-Departments in the Lucca kickoff meeting

Deadline for submissions: July 18th, 2014

The UNESCO UniTwin Complex Systems Digital Campus (http://unitwin-cs.org/ ) will organize a kickoff meeting as a Satellite Meeting at the ECCS'14 (European Conference on Complex Systems http://www.eccs14.eu/ ) that will be held in Lucca, from the 22nd to the 26th of September, 2014. This satellite meeting will bring together members of the CS-DC, from all over the world, to review progress and assess challenges related to the coordination and sharing of research and educational resources among more than hundred universities and institutions worldwide. The sessions would combine physical and remote presentations to include members attending ECCS in Lucca and those unable to do so.

The meeting calls for proposals of new CS-DC e-laboratories and e-departments.

For a new e-laboratory, the proposals should include a description of the main e-laboratory challenge (an existing one in the roadmaps or a new one), the list of scientific teams involved (at least two countries or five teams), the list of scientists having accepted to be member of its Scientific Council, a mention to some of its specific projects, and what will be shared like data, software and computer resources.

For a new e-department, the proposal should include the list of existing and embryonic e-laboratories, the list of scientists having accepted to be member of its Scientific Council and at the global level of the e-department a mention to some of its specific larger scale projects and sharing of multi-scale data, software and computer resources. For embryonic e-laboratories, they have to sketch a preliminary proposal, as for new e-laboratories (and of course remaining confidential).

The CS-DC Board and the Satellite Workshop Committee will examine all proposals. Reservations will be transmitted to proposers, including the invitation to resubmit as quickly as possible when the reservations are solved.

The satellite meeting will first organize sessions for the accepted e-departments with their associated e-laboratories (accepted or expected). The last session will be devoted for the newly accepted e-laboratories that do not yet have a corresponding e-department. The representatives of accepted e-department and e-laboratories will prepare an oral presentation about their proposals, even if they cannot attend ECCS’14. The oral contributions and debate will use a videoconference system for distant communication. At least, the remote communication might take the form of a video that will be projected in the Satellite Workshop.

Proposals should be submitted using the CS-DC template for respectively e-laboratories and e-departments available here.

Please send proposals by e-mail to Laura Hernandez - laura.hernandez@u-cergy.fr

Hope to see you in Lucca, including in remote way,

CS-DC@ECCS14 Committee

Roadmap for the Science of Complex Systems

In general terms, a “complex system” is any system comprised of a great number of heterogeneous entities, where local interactions among entities create multiple levels of collective structure and organization.

Living Roadmap for Complex Systems Science, CSS, 2006.

French Roadmap for Complex Systems, ISC-PIF, 2008-2009.

The CSS Roadmap for Complex Systems Science and its Applications, ASSYST-CSS, 2012.

The African Roadmap and its Digital Campus Towards a UNESCO Unitwin Network (texts in french), 2012.